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Please see my new bento-bako(Lunch box)

As you know our site’s name is bento! But you’d be surp […]

Let’s have a meal while watching Train!!

“Steam locomotive” is the cafe which focused on t […]

Best Sightseeing Spot for Japanese summer. Kagoshima Prefecture.

What is the above picture? Do you know? This is a kind […]

Kourakuen -Biggest Ramen chain store in Japan-

Kourakuen (幸楽苑)is a biggest Ramen chain store in Japan […]

Stand-up Sushi is a real style in Tokyo? Tsutsui Sushi Restaurant.

Maybe as you know there are a lot of stand-up soba stor […]

Will this trend last? New comer restaurant menu “Roasted beef bowl”.

As you know we Japanese make new boom periodically. It […]

It’s the best season for Japanese cherries !

The best season for Japanese cherries in Japan is from […]

Do you Know Gyukatsu ? Not Tonkatsu !

Tonkatsu is very popular Japanese food which consists o […]

Small Hokkaido in Tokyo -“Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza”(北海道どさんこプラザ)

The “Hokkaido Dosanko plaza” is the antenna […]

How to make Nikujyaga(肉じゃが)

Have you ever eaten “Nikujyaga” ?? It’ […]