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Let’s have a meal while watching Train!!

“Steam locomotive” is the cafe which focused on t […]

A 360-degree panoramic view of Osaka -Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden –

This building has two observation decks, one on the 40t […]

If you want to buy Japanese text book…

If you want to study Japanese, Where do you get a textb […]

Best Sightseeing Spot for Japanese summer. Kagoshima Prefecture.

What is the above picture? Do you know? This is a kind […]

We’ll go see a Panda in the weekend!

The “Ueno Zoo” located in one corner in Uen […]

Small Hokkaido in Tokyo -“Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza”(北海道どさんこプラザ)

The “Hokkaido Dosanko plaza” is the antenna […]

The Amazing Zoo in Yokohama ! – Zoorasia

Zoorasia is one of Japan’s largest zoo. Zoorasia […]

The Japanese rainy season’s flower Hydrangea ―Ajisai(あじさい)―

Although I don’t like a rainy season(梅雨-Tsuyu-) only wi […]

You can experience the horse riding in Machida,Tokyo,

The Malvern horse riding club is located in Macida city […]

Aside from Andersen Park, Chiba-pref has a wonderful garden.

Are you going to go to Funabashi Andersen Park when you […]