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You can ask “How to get,,,” from this machine! -Route Finder-

It is a touch-panel terminal which can perform a railro […]

We’ll go see a Panda in the weekend!

The “Ueno Zoo” located in one corner in Uen […]

Cute vending machine have appeared! Anpanman vending machine.

Do you know avobe pictures character Anpanman? We’ […]

The Japanese rainy season’s flower Hydrangea ―Ajisai(あじさい)―

Although I don’t like a rainy season(梅雨-Tsuyu-) only wi […]

Too many crane games in Japanese Game Center –Shinjuku-

I know now that avobe picture’s types of crane game is […]

Aside from Andersen Park, Chiba-pref has a wonderful garden.

Are you going to go to Funabashi Andersen Park when you […]

After cherry blossoms, Other beautiful flowers are blooming in Japan.

(Azalea) Had you seen cherry blossom flowers? Could you […]

Nearest historical place from airport, Narita ep2.

This entry is a sequel of Narita episode. Plese see pre […]

Nearest historical place from airport, Narita ep1.

Which are you going to use “Haneda” or “Narita”? and du […]