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Vietnam Festival 2019

Even though you are in Japan, you are able to feel the […]

Providing informaiton for industry specific exams and Japanese proficiency tests for Specified Skills Visa

In order to receive the specified skills visa status no […]

Free Career Services

We provide free career services for foreigners who are […]

Good news for those who want to work for the hotel, nursing care and restaurant industries in Japan.

The new immigration system called “Sepcific Skill […]

Please see my new bento-bako(Lunch box)

As you know our site’s name is bento! But you’d be surp […]

Let’s have a meal while watching Train!!

“Steam locomotive” is the cafe which focused on t […]

You can meet DORAEMON in Tokyo !!

Every summer, TV-Asahi hold the event “Summer Fes […]

A Wind Chimes Bazaar at Kawasaki Daishi

The grounds of Kawasaki Daishi temple will be the site […]

How about a souvenir? Japanese style cute Tags

In Japan, large stationery shops have many kinds of  Ja […]

A 360-degree panoramic view of Osaka -Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden –

This building has two observation decks, one on the 40t […]