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Vietnam Festival 2019

Even though you are in Japan, you are able to feel the exact same

Providing informaiton for industry specific exams and Japanese proficiency tests for Specified Skills Visa

In order to receive the specified skills visa status no.1, you have to pass

Free Career Services

We provide free career services for foreigners who are seeking jobs in Japan. The

Good news for those who want to work for the hotel, nursing care and restaurant industries in Japan.

The new immigration system called “Sepcific Skills” will be start from April 2019 in

Please see my new bento-bako(Lunch box)

As you know our site’s name is bento! But you’d be surprised at there

Let’s have a meal while watching Train!!

“Steam locomotive” is the cafe which focused on the diorama and the train. This cafe

You can meet DORAEMON in Tokyo !!

Every summer, TV-Asahi hold the event “Summer Festival – Summer Station” in Roppongi Hills ,

A Wind Chimes Bazaar at Kawasaki Daishi

The grounds of Kawasaki Daishi temple will be the site of Japan’s largest wind

How about a souvenir? Japanese style cute Tags

In Japan, large stationery shops have many kinds of  Japanese style cute Tags and  Stickers. How

A 360-degree panoramic view of Osaka -Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden –

This building has two observation decks, one on the 40th floor and the other