A human size shin-godzilla has come in front of you!


Godzilla is the most famous monster in Japan, not to mention.

But Almost Japanese haven’t seen his real appearance.

That should be it, Once you would see real Godzilla, you haven’t exsit there…


Today, we want to introduce the way to meet Godzilla safety. Although this way limited until July 22, you can see a human size Godzilla.


Of course this Godzilla doesn’t attack human. This is a gigantic figure. Although this figure is not real Godzilla size you can taste Godzilla’s body detail.


Can you see it? Godzilla’s skin is very lumpty. I don’t have an experience of touch his body, perhaps this skin looks really hard.


Do you have a confidence of survive after stepping you out by this strong foot? Godzilla can destroy tall building by only one step.


And please look at avobe picture. One of new Godzilla(shin-Godzilla)’s features is this red colored tail.

Since ever Godzilla’s tail wasn’t red. So this change had become topic in Japan.



We saw this shin-Godzilla at Shopping mall at Kawasaki-city.

In this place, you can see it until July 8. But this event will continue until July 22.

If you have a chance to go to Kawasaki-city, you may encounter the Godzilla.


■ Grand tree(shopping mall)  Infomation

< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 10:00
CLOSE : 21:00


< Access >
1135-1 Shinmaruko-Higashi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

< Near station >
MusashiKosugi Station(JR Nambu Line, Toyoko Line, Meguro Line)