After cherry blossoms, Other beautiful flowers are blooming in Japan.



Had you seen cherry blossom flowers? Could you enjoy Hanami banquet?
Many Japanese miss end of sakura season.
But even though sakura season ended, you can enjoy other beautiful flowers.

Today we introduce Tsutuji(azalea) and Yae-sakura(double cherry blossom).


(Double cherry blossom) Both flowers are blooming at the roadside. So if you don’t go to the special places, you’ll are able to see these flowers. Especially Azalea, Lots of roadsides are adapting this flower. I can say that Kanto region’s roadsides are sightseeing place for Azalea.




If you enjoy these Azalea, I recommend you to come Japan during end of April.

And then, please ask people walking down the street. “Tsutsuji-Ga-Mitai-desu”.