Anime in Japan Archive

A day Yokohama have been occupied by Pikachu.

(This event has been expired) As you might imagine, we Japanese are absorbed in

If you want to buy Japanese text book…

If you want to study Japanese, Where do you get a textbook? ,Internet? or

Cute vending machine have appeared! Anpanman vending machine.

Do you know avobe pictures character Anpanman? We’ve mentioned about this character in the

A human size shin-godzilla has come in front of you!

Godzilla is the most famous monster in Japan, not to mention. But Almost Japanese

Too many crane games in Japanese Game Center –Shinjuku-

I know now that avobe picture’s types of crane game is so popular all

“YOKOSO! EIGAKAN!” You can see the Japanese animation movie without dubbing!

One of the contents with popularity or high demand has anime and comics among

TV Character shops in Tokyo Station – Tokyo Character Street –

Tokyo Character Street has TV Character shops in Tokyo Station underground shopping area. You can buy limited

Fun and unique attractions of “JUMP” characters – J WORLD TOKYO –

 J WORLD TOKYO is the amusement park in Ikebukuro – a district of Tokyo – which is located Sunshine

The female otaku’s town – Otome Road –

Otome Road (乙女ロード) is a nickname for a street in Ikebukuro – a district

The used Anime and idol item shops in Akihabara

There is The Building”AKIBA Culture’s ZONE(AKIBA カルチャーズ ZONE) in the center of  Akihabara. There a