Beautiful cherry blossom(Sakura) spot – Nakameguro –

Nakameguro is a very popular spot for young persons.
There are many stylish food shops and cafes.
Nakameguro is very popular to live.

Nakameguro is also a very popular cherry blossom(Sakura) spot.

There are cherry blossom(Sakura) trees along Meguro River.


Cherry blossom(Sakura) flower blooms from late March to early April.


You can enjoy cherry blossom(Sakura) flower while walking along Meguro River.
There are many branch shops for foods and drinks during cherry blossom(Sakura) season.


Cherry blossom(Sakura) are within easy access of Nakameguro Station.
It takes around 5 minutes from Shibuya to Nakaeguro by train.
It takes around 10 minutes from Roppongi to Nakaeguro by train.
It takes around 17 minutes from Ginza to Nakaeguro by train.


■ Nakameguto  Infomation
< Access >
3 kamimeguro, Meguroku, Tokyo

< Near station >
Nakameguto station (Tokyu-Toyoko Line /Tokyo Metro)