Buy a book secondhand -BOOK OFF-

Book-off is a largest chain recycling bookstore which has a branch of 800 or more shops all over Japan.

The store buys used-book or used-product that unwanted, book, and those dirt is removed and is displayed like a new article. Anyone can carry in the book.

Although the offer price of a book cannot be expected not much highly, It is said that it is assessed on the basis of ten percent of price by the state of goods according to condition or the forward stock situation of the book

It seems that the store can’t buy those in such a state the cover is torn, the spot is attached or written book.

A selling price is the half the sum of price, or also has a 100 yen – 200 yen thing, and even the same goods and new product as a new article can purchase it with abundant kinds at a handy price. Moreover, since presentation of an identification card is needed when buying a book, there is also no risk of the visitor buying stolen article or a copycat product for not knowing.


Comic books and bestsellers, such as strong books and paperback of enter instrument color, mass and popular have sold around the high book.


Not only a book but the medieval times CD and DVD, game software, a game machine machine, etc. are sold.

Bright beautiful store! And you can browse them anytime.


Comics, a novel, a magazine, a child’s picture-book, a recipe book, a business book, and various secondhand books are located in a line.


Japanese people have the culture which values a thing, How to use after buying things even just those in good condition with many high-quality it is put up for sale in a beautiful state for polite.

The beautiful second-hand goods would be one of the things to be proud of Japan.

Buy a book, and if it finishes reading, sell again. ..we can buy new book by using that money!

Such a thing is also we can.