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Providing informaiton for industry specific exams and Japanese proficiency tests for Specified Skills Visa

In order to receive the specified skills visa status no.1, you have to pass

Free Career Services

We provide free career services for foreigners who are seeking jobs in Japan. The

Please see my new bento-bako(Lunch box)

As you know our site’s name is bento! But you’d be surprised at there

If you want to buy Japanese text book…

If you want to study Japanese, Where do you get a textbook? ,Internet? or

Same as your country’s one? Various objects on the Japanese road!

Wherever you visit Japanese Spot, you would absolutely see Japanese road. But even though

Revive the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors! A story of Nerima over 140 years residence reviving project.

Where do you think that this house exists? This house is in Nerima-ward in

You might have recognized that Japanese YURU-Chara sometimes be absurd.

I guess you know Japanese YURU-Chara like a Funasshi. What do you think about

Too many crane games in Japanese Game Center –Shinjuku-

I know now that avobe picture’s types of crane game is so popular all

Buy a book secondhand -BOOK OFF-

Book-off is a largest chain recycling bookstore which has a branch of 800 or

“YOKOSO! EIGAKAN!” You can see the Japanese animation movie without dubbing!

One of the contents with popularity or high demand has anime and comics among