Cute vending machine have appeared! Anpanman vending machine.


Do you know avobe pictures character Anpanman?

We’ve mentioned about this character in the past article.

And we said that there are many wonderful vending machine in Japan.

So we want to introduce that there are also cute vending machines thanks to Anpanman.


Products sold by this machine are ordinaliry drink.

Coffee, cocoa and mixed juice etc.

And there are attractive drinks come from Anpanman sold in this machine too.


Anpanman’s drink type yoghurt, Anpanman’s grape fruite juice and apple juice.

If Japanese children woud  find this vending machine, they should have begged their parents to buy the product.

Once you move your eyes to the side, you would find character painted.


So If you appreciate this vending machine, you wouldn’t be bored.


Main characters -Syokupanman and Dokinchan- are painted at front panel.