Even Japanese feel nostalgic for this train line – Tokyu Ikegami Line-

Ikegami Line

What is your impression of Japan? Cutting edge technologies? Animation? Or Manga comic?

I guess Tokyo area’s one of most impressive point is train. There are many train lines in Tokyo. We can go to several area in a short time.

And we can always see the latest train vehicle.


In spite of that, We are able to see the old atmosphere train line too. Of course in Tokyo!

Today, we would like to introduce “Tokyu Ikegami Line”.

Ikegami Line

This picture is the platform of Tokoshi-Ginza station on Ikegami Line. And time was 7 PM.

I had a reason why I shot this picture during night time. Do you think these 2 pictures have nostalgic atmosphere?

Ikegami Line

Tokoshi-Ginza where this station exist is famous for shopping street. Although it have been already night time, there were many people on the street. I was scared of a woman riding on the bicycle.

Ikegami Line

The train took me to Yukigaya-Otsuka station. Compared with other major train line, Ikegami-Line’s passenger is not so many. But There are good store’s in the station.

Ikegami Line

Ikegami Line

If you feel unusual atmosphere, we recommend you to ride on Tokyu Ikegami Line.


Tokyu Ikegami Line(English)



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