Exciting fireworks ! Edogawa-ku fireworks festival in Tokyo

Fireworks are a Japanese summer tradition.
Many Fireworks Festival are held throughout the nation in Summer,especially in July or August.
Sumida river fireworks festival is the most fireworks festival in Japan.
But, Edogawa-ku fireworks festival is  more exciting fireworks than Sumida river fireworks festival.

You can see fireworks in a comfortable environment at the riverside.


People get spots for fireworks festival.


About 1,390,000 people come to fireworks festival every year.
They enjoy eating and drinking with fireworks.


About 14,000 fireworks are set off at the festival every year.


You can see fireworks in full view because there are no buildings.

Fireworks launched in 8 separate themes with unique background music are a special feature of Edogawa’s riverside festival.

You can enjoy Exciting fireworks !

■ Edogawa-ku fireworks festival  Infomation
< Day>
First Saturday of August.
< Time>
Start : 19:15
Finish: 20:30
< Admission>
< Access >
1 Kamishinozaki, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
*20 minutes walk from the nearest station.

< Near station >
Shinozaki Station (Toei Shinjyuku Line )