Best Sightseeing Spot for Japanese summer. Kagoshima Prefecture.


What is the above picture? Do you know?

This is a kind of shaved ice “Kakigo-ri” which have white bear’s name.

We Japanese call it “Shiro-kuma”!

It means a white bear.

We have introduced Kakigo-ri. It’s OK to think that this Shiro-kuma is a special type of Kakigo-ri!


Ordinary there aren’t any fruits on the shaved ice. Because Kakigo-ri uses much syrup. Kakigo-ri has already taste and flavor.

So originally it is no need to add extra ingredients.


But This Shiro-kuma had challenged to open up new field of Kakigo-ri. And suceeded.

Now that Shiro-kuma have become a well known food for Kagoshima Prefecture.

Especially, people love Shiro-kuma during summer season.


Kagoshima Prefecture? Isn’t the article of Tokyo?

Yes.  Today we are introducing Kagoshima Prefecture. it is in South part of Japan. Aside from Shiro-kuma, it is famous for Sakura-jima mountain.

Can you see the smog located near the top of mountain?

The case that you can see the smog opportunity of this volcano is not rare.


If you say about Sakura-jima to other Japanese, people would imagine smog of volcano.


Sakura-jima Live cam(Japanese)


During summer season, when you go to Kagoshima Prefecture, you are goinf to enjory both Shiro-kuma and Sakura-jima.

So I recommend you to go to famous restaurant of Shiro-kuma “Tenmonkan Mujaki”.

氷白熊(しろくま)の本家 – 天文館むじゃき(Japanese)


Of course you can eat this Shiro-kuma also in Tokyo Prefecture :)