Can you believe? This store can serve sushi as only 108 yen! With Amazing delivery system.

We had introduced Kura-sushi.


But today, we’ve prepare another cost effective sushi store.

It is Kappa-sushi.





The distinctive point of Kappa-sushi is their cheap price.

In this store, almost sushi cost 108 yen.(about US $1) So if you buy 10 dishes, you’ll pay only 1080 yen.(about US $10.)



Do you doubt the quality of it’s sushi?

Of course Kappa’s sushi tastes very good!


For example, above picture shows salad on the battleship roll sushi.

Do you like both salad and sushi? So we recommend you to eat this battleship roll!



You can order sushi by touching the order board.

These days, Most sushi stores have adopted this system.

Since price of almost sushi are 108 yen, it is OK to choose by only browsing the picture.



And please see this picture.

This picture shows the timing of coming sushi you’ve ordered.


Can you confirm that sushi on the train! This train is Shinkansen!(Japanese bullet train)

Once you order sushi at this store, you also enjoy Shinkanse’s running!



About the Shinkansen | Central Japan Railway Company



We would like you to waver Kura-sushi or Kappa-shushi!