Eating without talk ! It is an interesting system of Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is a very popular Hakata style ramen chain shop.
There are about 50 shops in Japan. – Hakata , Kyusyu ,Osaka, Kinki ,Tokyo ,Kanto.
Ichiran Ramen serves only pork bone(tonkotsu ramen).

In Ichiran Ramen, You can experience what I could never do in other Ramen shops.


Buy tickets by vending machine

You insert your money, press the button corresponding to your desired Ramen item.

Take your seat

Each of the counter seats has a partition on either side so that the only indication that others may be in the shop is the slurping of noodles.


filling in your preferences

In the style of Hakata ramen , you have the choice of noodle firmness (麺のかたさ, men no katasa) from very hard (超かた) to very soft (超やわ,). In addition, at Ichiran Ramen, you can choose the level of spiciness, richness and flavor, whether you want roasted pork included, and the amount of garlic, spicy red sauce and scallion.

Press the call button in front of you

One of the staff members open the shutter, take the sheet, and then close the shutter.


The window flies open and your ramen is placed in front of you. You can experience your personally customized ramen with no distractions.

You can order second serving

If you find that one serving of noodles isn’t enough, you can order 替玉 (kaedama, second serving) at your seat in cash by circling the 替玉 space on your chopstick cover and handing the marked chopstick cover to the staff.

P1060460_RPress the button and one of the staff members open the shutter, take the sheet, and then close the shutter.

P1060471_RThe window flies open and your kaedama  is placed in front of you. It is only noodle.

It is an interesting it ?
What do you think of the Ichiran ramen system?

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