Fuji Soba

P1050902_RFuji Soba is one of the cheap and fast soba chains that proliferate around a train station near you.

Nadai Fuji Soba opened its first outlet in Shibuya in 1966, Now they have 100 over brunches around Tokyo even in Philippine and Taiwan,and opened 24 hours.

As you know Soba is one of the famous Japanese food, made from buckwheat flour(Udon made from wheat).

Soba noodles have less calories more fiber and more protein than traditional pasta, It’s become popular among foreign people.

Today, I will invite you to Fuji Soba and tell how to order.

Let’s go for there!


P1050903_RStep 1

See the sample with number at the entrance

P1050905_RStep 2

Buy tickets at the vending machine.

P1050909_RStep 3

Take tickets and go  in

( I took “Mori”(Basic chilled noodles served on a flat basket or a plate)


P1050910_RStep 4

Choose Soba or Udon(and Hot or Cold),and tell to the staff.

P1050912_RWe can get free flow water at self-service counter.

P1050915_RHere comes “Mori Soba”

It’s chilled soba noodles served on bamboo tray,with a dipping sauce known as “Soba tsuyu” on the side.

P1050917_RThe tsuyu is made of a strong mixture of “Dashi”, Sweetened soy sauce and Mirin.

Wasabi and scallions are often mixed in to the tsuyu.

P1050924_RPicks up a small amount of soba from the tray and dip it in the tsuyu before you eating.

P1050931_RPlease  return your dishes to the counter when you finished.


If you have a chance to eat lunch or dinner at around a station near you,please try it!


Fuji Soba official

Fuji Soba brunch on the map