Halal gourmet Japan

Halal is very important discipline for a Muslim. No matter where a Muslim are, they follow the rule.
It will be very important for the Muslim who believes in carefully to distinguish Halal and Non halal.
However, though regrettable, in Japan, the knowledge or understanding of a Muslim or halal do not permeate yet, but the Japanese who knows that the Muslim must not drink and eat “alcohol” and “pig” , but The person who does not know that actual more complicated and various restrictions are prepared is almost the case.
When a Muslim visit Japan, most restaurants which offer the food based on Halal cannot be found, and aren’t there many persons who are holding uneasiness in the meal field for such a situation, either?
In order to solve the problem, there are some restaurant search applications for the Muslims who collected the information on the restaurant which received halal attestation, and the restaurant which offers the pork-free and alcohol-free menu.


Halal gourmet Japan





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