Sushi-go-round!! Kaiten-Sushi

When being asked the image of Japanese food most people will answer “Sushi”

There are two types of Sushi restaurants in Japan. One type is the Sushi restaurant that only has counter seats and expensive.

The other type is the reasonable conveyor belt Sushi restaurant, served in a half self-service style. It’s called “Kaiten Sushi”(回転寿司)

In a Kaiten-Sushi,small plates with various types of sushi line up on the conveyor belt. People see the sushi, choose whichever plate they want to eat, and pick up from the belt conveyor.



Some Kaiten-sushi restaurant  have a flat rate for all plate.

I will introduce to you this types of Kaiten-suhi chains that the price around 100 yen per plate today.


P1060910_RAfter take your seat,usually you can find this types of green tea powder container around near you, and cups at the counter for you to help yourself. The tea on the table is free,no matter how many times you drink it.


P1060912_RThis much is enough.

P1060913_RPress the cup against the rubber bit to fill up,boiling water will burn.


P1060931_RFrom the conveyor lane,just pick up a plate what you want.

P1060927_RSoy sauce is an essential Sushi seasoning.

P1060916_RSome places have a touch screen,you can see the menu.

P1060920_RAnd English menu-if you want one then just change.


P1060922_RIf the belt does not have what you want,you can order with this.

P1060923_R Choose the amount and just press “order”P1060925_RWhen the items you have ordered near your table,an announcement alerts you.

P1060924_RThen,your order items coming from another lane.


P1060933_RAfter you finish eating,keep and stacking like this. Don’t return them to the conveyor belt.

To communicate with staff or press the “Bill” button of the touch screen.P1060935_R

If you want to try reasonable and fresh Sushi like this, Please try it!!


Here is the some popular Kaiten-Suhi chains in Japan.

Genki-Sushi(元気寿司)(English )