Kibi-dango is one of the beloved Japanese sweets.


Kibi-dango is one of the beloved Japanese sweets. Unlike regular dango, kibi-dango is made with millet flour.
Foreigners sometimes find it difficult to eat kibi-dango. Let’s try to eat kibi-dango !

You can eat Kibi-dango in Asakusa.The shop is along nakamise-dori.

P1060121_RThe shop’s name is “kibi-dango Azuma”.

P1060122_R5 per set.It’s 330 yen.

P1060124_ROrder here.

P1060123_RPlease eat the goods bought at the shop within their front space only.

P1060125_RThe eating space.

P1060129_RThis is a kibi-dango.

■ Kibi-dango Azuma  Infomation
< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 9:00
CLOSE : 19:00
*Open year round
< Access >
1-18-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

< Near station >
Asakusa Station(Tokyo Metro)
< Route form Asakusa Station(Tokyo Metor) >

浅草寺1Leave Asakusa station by the Sensoji Temple -Exit No.1-

浅草寺2Turn right at the Exit.

浅草寺3Go straight.

浅草寺4Go straight.

浅草寺5You’ll find the”Kaminarimon(雷門)” on the Right.

P1060091_RGo straight and you’ll find Kibi-dango Azuma on the left.