Kourakuen -Biggest Ramen chain store in Japan-

Kourakuen (幸楽苑)is a biggest Ramen chain store in Japan that established in Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima since 1954.

IMG_1175_RCharacterized by yellow sign board.

Kourakuen’s top selling menu is “Chu-ka soba(Ramen※Soba means noodle in a broad sense in Japan.):中華そば”. It becomes popular from offering classical “Shyo-yu(soy sauce) Ramen” at a handy price, and a family friendly thing, and there is number of shops most in Japan.



It has the number of 500 or more stores from Hokkaido in the north to Hiroshima in the south in Japan. It is said that it cumulative total of 60 million people use this Ramen store.

IMG_1087_RAll the tables are taken in the weekend lunch time.


Especially East Japan has much number of shops in each prefecture, It located 55 stores in Saitama,33 stores in Tokyo, 45 stores in Kanagawa, 53 stores in Chiba (as of July,2016)

Soup There are two types, stewed chicken and pork stock as “Garadaki soup”, taken from such as dried bonito ” Gyokai-dashi soup(seafood soup)” . In adition to this,”Yasai-dashi soup(vegetable soup stock)” by it by the taste of ramen noodle.IMG_1082_R

Since there are variation menus, such as “Miso(soy bean paste) Ramen”,”Shio(salt)”,”Tsukemen”, other than Shyo-yu Ramen. We can choose the taste of Ramen depending on how I feel at the time.


IMG_1164_R“Assari chu-ka soba:あっさり中華そば(Soy sauce ramen)”390 yen (include tax 421 yen)
IMG_1167_R“Miso Ramen:味噌らーめん(soy bean paste) ” 390 yen
IMG_1166_R“Tsukemen:つけめん(noodle with dipping sauce)” 390 yen,
IMG_1165_R“Shio Ramen:塩らーめん(Salt Ramen)” 390yen”IMG_1089_R“Shio-yasai Ramen:塩野菜らーめん(Salt soup Ramen with vegetable)” 490 yen (include tax 529 yen)

…a price is all cheap.

How to order,,,IMG_1085_RJust put this yellow button on the table, then the staff is coming, make your order.



When ordering ramen noodles, dumplings are necessity!IMG_1088_R“Gyo-za(dumpling:餃子)” 216 yen(include tax)


Moreover, we can order “Fried rice(炒飯)” or “Gyo-za(dumpling:餃子)” as a set meal. There are 3 types of set meal,you can order with Ramen that you like.

IMG_1083_RSet A(Aセット) チャーシュー丼セット:Cha-shyu-don set(Rice topped with Roast pork &Gyo-za)  additional 442 yen(include tax)
Set B(Bセット) 玉丼セット:Tama-don set(Rice topped with half boiled egg&Gyo-za) additional 442 yen(include tax)
Set C(Cセット) ミックスセット:Mix set(Half size Fried rice&Gyo-za) additional 475 yen(include tax)
※You can upgrade the Gyo-za to Ebi Gyo-za(shrimp dumpling) additional 86 yen(include tax)


“Gyo-za” is eaten with mixture of soy-sauce and rice vinigar.


IMG_1091_RThe left side is soy sauce, right side one is vinegar, in front of red one is “Ra-yu(spicy oil)”.

Choose condiment whatever you’d like, an mix well it.

IMG_1094_RThese are set in the table like this.


There are also a child menu and a dessert so that he can eat with a family, The price is also popular with the Japanese of the generation broad as a store who can eat that it is handy and freely.IMG_1163_RChild meal set with kid’s toy. ※limited to under elementary school.



IMG_1097Lastly, chek out at the register!



Kourakuen (幸楽苑)store list