Let’s have a meal while watching Train!!

“Steam locomotive” is the cafe which focused on the diorama and the train.

This cafe is those with 4 stores in Japan,They are two stores in the Kanto area, and  two more located in Kyoto and Hiroshima. This Unique-designed cafe which both an adult and a child can enjoy.


Once you step inside,you can see the world of the big diorama spreads out, and we can have a meal while watching at the railroad model diorama.


Food and drink is ordered in the place of the accounts register of railroad goods.Since an ordinary family restaurant is differed from, let’s explain.

1,Chose and take favorite seat first.

2,Order your meal at the central register.

3,Get your drink, tableware, and the card in which the exchange number of cooking.

※When all seats are occupied, please wait at the entrance until the staff guides you.

※Here is a self-service cafe, please help yourself to water and take the tableware away yourself.

The popular number one menu of this cafe  is a “Blue train kids plate(お子様新幹線プレート/Okosama shinkansen pate)” 800 yen (with drink 900 yen)

Food popular with kids, such as a hamburger and an omelet, is dished up on the plate which carried out the form of the Blue train.

IMG_1506_RThere are more various menus, such as “delicious curry of a dining car(食堂車のおいしいカレー/Shyoku-do-shyano oishii curry)”, “Nori-tetsu meat (のり鉄ミート/Meat sauce pasta)”, and a “SL hamburg plate.(SLハンバーグプレート/Hamburg steak plate)” Railway and Train lovers is generically called “鉄/Tetsu”, by the way….


IMG_1516_R“Noritetsu Carbo(のり鉄カルボ/Carbonara pasta)”980 yen


There are also many original juice associated with the famous trains, such as the “北斗星/Hokutosei”, “山手線/Yamanote Line”, and “はやぶさ/Hayabusa”.

IMG_1507_RThe dessert after a meal can also enjoy original menus, such as “SL pancake(SLパンケーキ)” 680 yen and a “Blue train cake(新幹線ケーキ)” 850 yen.

Which seat you want? Since how for it to be visible by a seat is different, it will waver.

IMG_1483_R IMG_1512_RIMG_1485_RThere is also a seat which can be enjoyed while looking at the tower of huge Plarail. It is a cafe which both an adult and a child can enjoy.



After a meal ends, railroad goods can also be purchased for a souvenir.

It is because the company which running this cafe sells railroad goods , railroad goods are abundant.

There are many goods in connection with railroads and train, such as material of the diorama of a railroad model, Plarail and a T-shirt.

IMG_1521_RIMG_1520_RIMG_1527_RIMG_1523_R IMG_1524_RAlready you have?? Well known “鉄下(Tetsushita/Socks)” and “ハシ鉄(Hashitetsu/Chopsticks)

Looking at a train for Railway and train-lovers, he is likely to forget dreamlike to feel and to eat ?? boiled rice as a meal is ready?

Don’t you think that it is dreamlike experience for “Tetsu/鉄” having a meal while watching such a site?


Makuhari Shintoshin/幕張新都心店(Chiba pref.)

Access: 〒261-8535

Grand mall 3F, 1-1,Toyosuna,Mihamaku,Chiba-city,Chiba

17 minutes by walk from JR Kaihinmakuhari St.(36minutes from JR Tokyo St.)

(waking map from Kaihinmakuhari St.)

Bus information from JR Kaihinmakuhari St.→海浜幕張駅からお越しの方

Open hours: 10:00~22:00(Last order 21:00)


Fujimi /富士見店(Saitama pref.)

Access: 〒354-0022

LaLaport Fujimi 3F, 1-1313, Yamamuro,Fujimi-city,Saitama

6 minutes by Bus from Tobu-Tojo Line Tsuruse st.(28 minutes from Ikebukuro St.)

Open hours: 10:00~21:00(Last order 20:00)


プラレール ぼくが運転!マスコン 北海道新幹線はやぶさプラレール E5系新幹線&E6系新幹線連結セットプラレール N700A新幹線ベーシックセット「鉄道模型」の教科書決定版!! ゼロから創る鉄道模型レイアウト 下巻 新版 ~変化に富んだオリジナル工作編~