Many Potato Snacks in Japan

There are over 100 Potato Snack flavors: salty, spicy, sweet, sour, the list goes on.
You can purchase them from any convenience store, drugstore and supermarket.

P1050898_RThese are  just  mere part of it.

P1050890_RThis is “Usushio” Calbee potato chips.
Calbee potato chips are regular potato chips. Usushio – lightly salted- Calbee potato chips is the most popular potato chips in Japan.

P1050893_RThis is “Norishio” potato chips.
“Norishio”- laver with salt – is very popular potato chips.

P1050891_RThis is “Koiaji” potato chips.
“Koiaji” – Bacon flavor-potato chips.

P1050895_RThis is “Premium” potato chips.
“Premium” – dish fried in garlic oil lobster flavor-

P1050894_RKataage Potato is a bit different from your usual thin potato chips. The pieces are thick and hard enough to chew on.

P1050899_RThis is “karamucho” potato snacks.
“karamucho” – Hot Chili flavor-

There are many more more other potato snacks and chips in Japan !