Marugame seimen

`Udon’ is the most popular noodle in Japan.

It’s made from wheat flour and water,we usually eat in hot soup or with dipping sauce.

The sauce called “Dashi” are made from soy sauce and sweet sake and Dashi(broth or fish stock made by heating water containing Kombu seaweed or Katsuobushi or Bonito frakes or Dried sardines…etc)

Especially `Sanuki Udon’ is the most famous for it’s delicious in Japan that has chewy texture.`Sanuki’ is the region name of Kagawa prefecture.

If you want to eat `Sanuki Udon’,even in Tokyo,you will be able to try. It cost from 300 yen to 600 yen


Marugame Seimen is a big chain that specializes in Udon with more than 700 stores all cross Japan.

They also have outlets in oversea Hawaii,Australia,China,Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam…and more.



It’ very simple to order.

IMG_0319_R1)Get in line to order.

IMG_0320_R2)Select your type of Udon,and the size.(Regular or Large)

Kamatama“(hot noodles are tossed in a sauce made with raw egg.(like a carbonara))

Kamaage“(served in hot water,and accompanied by a hot dipping sauce of dashi and soy sauce.)

Kitsune“(served in a hot broth with aburaage(sweetened bean curd))

Bukkake“(cold Udon served with thick dashi-broth)

Kake“(basic udon dish. served in a hot broth that covers the noodeles. It has no toppings)

Curry Udon“(served in a bowl of Japanese curry)

Zaru Udon“(chilled udon served on bamboo tray)

P1060720_R2)Receive your Udon, and order topping if you want.

Daikonoroshi“(grated radish)

Tororo“(grated yam)

Onsentamago“(soft boiled egg)

Kitsuneage“(fried bean curd)

Nikugobo“(meat and burdock)

Mentaiko“(seasoned cod roe)

IMG_0321_R3) Step to forward , choose toppings. There are Tempura and Omusubi(Rice ball), pick and put on your plate if you want.



4)Pay at the register.

P1060727_R5)Add soup and condiments. Help yourself to seasoning and glass of water or tea.



P1060737_R6)Choose any free table.and enjoy your meal!


P1060732_R “Bukkake udon”  Regular size 290 yen

IMG_0327_R “Kamaage udon” Big size 390 yen

IMG_0328_R7)After your meal,please don’t forget to clean up your table and return your tray to the counter.


Marugame Seimen official (English)