Simply cooking -Ma Po Tohu-(麻婆豆腐)

Ma Po Tohu(麻婆豆腐) is the one of the Chinese (Szechuan) dish. It is a dish which stir-fried ground beef, red pepper, Sichuan pepper, Doubanjiang and others, and put in shicken-bones soup, and boiled Tohu.

It’s very famous also in Japan , and often goes up to the dinner table even at home.


Because some people can’t eat too spicy one, or supply of material is difficult in Japan, it is sometimes made without Sichuan pepper. That’s why the level of its hotness is different by shops and each of the home.


“We can get “retort pouch Ma Po Tohu” that a has meat and soup seasoning at the super market, can eat easily by preparing only tohu and water.



I will cook it today.


we can see How to make behind the package.


by preparing just only tohu and water.IMG_0575_R

Heat a sauce pan and sauce ,and add water.



Bring the sauce to a boil,add cube cut tohu.IMG_0579_RIMG_0581_RI recommend you add cut scallion.




That’s enough! very easy,very simple cooking.

Enjoy your meal♪



味の素 Cook Do 四川式麻婆豆腐用 60g×10個