Hainanese Chicken Rice ~Singapore food republic~

Do you know the “Hainanese Chicken rice”(海南鶏飯)??

The Hainanese chicken rice is a common dish in Southeast Asia surrounding areas(such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand) which dished up to the one plate both the Rice cooked with the broth which boiled chicken and steamed chicken.

The origin from the first is what the older-generation overseas Chinese from Hainan Island who emigrated to Singapore, Thailand, etc. brought about.

And now, has become the very common dish currently eaten at various places, such as a specialty store and a stall.

It called “Chicken rice(Hainanese rice)”in Singapore, “Khao(rice) Man Kai(chicken)”in Thailand, “Nasi(rice) Ayam(chicken)” in Malaysia and Indonesia.

It has carried out by the thing that such “Chicken Rice” is eaten even in Japan.

Singapore Seafood Republic

There is a short away from Shinagawa Station Takanawa exit.

This restaurant that the Singapore government selects a famous store carefully out of the famous seafood restaurant of its own country. And each of that store is the store which advanced to Japan jointly.

Jumbo seafood

Palm Beach Seafood

Tung Lok

The Seafood International Market&Restaurant

The taste of these four prestige stores can enjoy itself at even in Japan.

Menu was also cooking the”Mad club” that has been flown in a state in which the living from the local “Chile Club” or taste, of course, “laksa”, “shocked speechless”, “Chau hoe cormorant tea”, “Singapore Sling” and “tea of ​​the TWG,” “Tiger like, such as beer, “I can drink is a lineup like you are in Singapore.

It served Cooked “Mad crab” that has been flown in a living state from the local “Chile Club” ,”Laksa”, “Ota Ota”, “Bak kut teh”  “Singapore Sling” and “TWG tea(from Singapore)” “Tiger Beer” …etc.

It is various lineup, such as if I am in Singapore !!

Seafood republic’s menu


You can meet the “Merlion” at the entrance.

An appearance of a store as if it was in Singapore completely.

IMG_9785外観_R The house restaurant of colonial foreign style.


IMG_9787チキンライス_RHainanese Chicken rice 970yen


how to make Hainanese Chicken rice


(Singapore Seafood Republic)

シナガワグース 前庭


<営業時間> 11:00~23:00
ランチ 11:00~15:30(L.O.15:30)
ティータイム 15:30~16:30
ディナー 16:30~23:00(L.O.22:00)

<定休日> 無休


Adress:   Tokyo, Minato-ku, Takanawa 3-13-3

In front of SHINAGAWA GOOS garden

Tel:    (81)-3-5449-8080

Business Hours: 11:00~23:00
(Lunch) 11:00~15:30(L.O.15:30)
(Tea Time) 15:30~16:30
(Dinner) 16:30~23:00(L.O.22:00)

Holiday:   No holiday