Spring has Come!! Strawberry Picking (Ichigogari)

Japan has a wonderful association with fruit!

In Japan, strawberries are consistently one of the most popular fruits with people of all ages, regardless of gender.



They enjoy picking for pleasure. Whether with groups of friends, families or on bus tours, all year round Japanese will head to farms dotted around the country and pick strawberries together.

Strawberry picking starts in the beginning of December  goes on until the middle of May.

Strawberry is associated with Spring.

There are plenty of strawberry farms around Kanto that you can visit. Most cost in the region of 1,500 yen per adult and offer tabehoudai – eat as many as you like – for a set time period, usually about 30 minutes.

The following is some information on strawberry picking.

Most strawberry farms are far outside of the cities and require transportation to get to, so join a tour and take a bus or go by car.

Today, I went to “Agri Town” located at Tochigi prefecture.(near by SANO Premium Outlets)

Tochigi prefecture is Japan’s number one strawberry-producing. And It’s famous for strawberry cultivar called “Tochiotome”

Agri Town official

802-4 Ueshimo-cho, Sano, Tochigi

tel: 0283-20-5215


SANO Premium Outlets official




SONY DSCThe price depends on the season and the age.

12/1~12/31  (Adult) 1700 yen  (Below elementary age) 900 yen

1/1~1/31      (Adult) 1500 yen  (Below elementary age) 800 yen

2/1~2/29     (Adult) 1500 yen  (Below elementary age) 800 yen

3/1~4/3    (Adult) 1400 yen  (Below elementary age) 700 yen

4/4~5/5     (Adult) 1100 yen  (Below elementary age) 600 yen

5/6~close     (Adult) 1000 yen  (Below elementary age) 500 yen

※If you join the member of “Ichigogari club” you can get 200 yen off!


When you arrive at the farm, you will see a number of greenhouses.

Since you will be inside these greenhouses, make sure to bring adjustable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, avoid wearing high heels, as it can damage the greenhouse.





Here are Strawberry looks like a red jewel!

You can eat as many as you like!!





Select the best strawberries!

1) Look for large, fragrant strawberries.
2) Strawberries with a fresh gleam are best. Avoid cracked strawberries.
3) Stems that are a verdant green and thick are a good sign.
4) Avoid unripe half-green strawberries. Take the pure red ones.



SONY DSCPut the hull in the trash cup that you got beforehand.





Let’s be off to enjoy juicy and sweetie fruits!



Strawberry picking Farms easy access by train

○ Shibazaki-Engei  (near by Tama Monorail Manganji station)

4-13-8 Manganji, Hino, Tokyo

Tel: 070-5023-3738


Yokoyama-Nouen  ( near by JR Takasaki Linne, Kitamoto station)

2-103 Chyu-ou, Kitamoto, Saitama

Tel: 048-591-3947


Kamakura Kanko Ichigo-en (near by Shyonan monorail Shyonanhukazawa station)

2-11-33 Hueda, Kamakura, Kanagawa


○Mashiko Kanko Ichigo Danchi official (near by  Kitayama station(Mouka-Line))

527-6 Hanawa, Mashiko, Hagagunn, Tochigi

Tel: 0285-72-8768