Stand-up Sushi is a real style in Tokyo? Tsutsui Sushi Restaurant.

Maybe as you know there are a lot of stand-up soba store in Japan.

But do you know?

Stand-up Sushi Restaurant is also absolutely exsit in Tokyo!


“Tutsui” is a sushi restaurant which has over 20 years history and located near JR Gotanda station.

The largest difference point of this sushi restaurant is that customer have to eat sushi while standing.


And store’s signboard says “We’re proud of rice”.

While there are many sushi restaurants proud of raw fish, this restaurant is proud of rice.


During lunch time, affordable cuisines stand in line on the menu board. Nigiri-sushi for 1 person cost ¥650.(about $6.5 US)

You may think $6 is not affordable price after reading this article.

But Sushi’s price ordinary a little expensive.


Because this sushi restaurant is stand-up style, the space of inside the restaurant is not so spacious. Frankly saying it’s so confined.

Many customers are crowed in this restaurant. Even if you go during night time you would convince this restaurant is really popular.


The range of customer group is from young women to elderly business men. I saw young man too who is drinking alcohol. (Although it was lunch time 🙂


The menu I’ve orderd was Nigiri-sushi for 1.5 persons. Looks decious, right?

It cost ¥900 (about $9 US). It was a little expensive more than Kappa-sushi.


But Tutsui’s sushi tastes delicious and you would be satisfied.

Raw fish is (of course) fresh to eat. Each of various fishes is delicious!

After all, this price is not so expensive.


Do you want to eat authentic sushi? We recommend “Tsutsui”.


■ Tsutsui Sushi Restaurant  Infomation

< Opening Hours>
Weekdays              11:30 – 25:00

Saturday/Legal holiday       18:00 – 24:00

Regular holiday:Sunday


< Access >

leara high town 107
1-26-2, Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

< Near station >
Gotanda Station(JR, Asakusa-line subway, Tokyu-Ikegami line)