Easiest way to eat Tempura!

As you know, one of most famous food in Japan is Tempura.

So today I would like to introduce easiest way to eat tempura.



Tenya is known of Tendon.

Tendon is the combination of rice and tempura. There are some tempuras on the rice.

So we can eat both tempura and rice.

We want you to eat tempura at this store.

Because this store serves very cheap tempura and so delicious!


This is tempura.


And we use “tsuyu”(soup) to eat tempura.

(Some people use solt for tempura)


At this store we can eat tempura or tendon from 500 yen to 900 yen.

TENDON MENU(Tenya official site:English)


But! If you order temdon, you can enjoy also rice.


Look at tempuras in the ricebowl. Are you able to see mottled pattern of tempura?


Ordinary Japanese use “tare”(tempura’s source) when they eat tendon.

Once you use this “tare”, you would feel taste differ from original tempura.


Of corse you can choose not to use this “tare”.

But we’d like to recommend to use. The reason why… you’ll understand when you eat tendon’s rice.

The rice took the “tare” have different flavor.  And that is really delicious.



Aside from tendon and tempura, Tenya serves soba too.


So you can eat the soba and tempura combi!

We want you to eat soba after enjoying tempura too.

And please compare Udon with Soba.

Tenya official site(English)



Wow! soft-boiled egg!

Can you eat it?