The Taste of Peranakan ~Singapore holic Laksa~

Have you ever tried “Laksa”?

The “Laksa” is a noodle of Southeast Asia area that represents the Peranakan cuisine.

The “Peranakan” is the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to  Peninsular Malaysia or Indonesia or Singapore…around Southeast Asia between the 15th and 17th centuries. What their culture or food that made by fusing each is called “Peranakan culture”, “Peranakan cuisine” respectively.

Although a recipe changes delicately with areas, The taste which has spicy and rich flavor and which combined various spices, coconuts, etc. with the soup which took broth from the fish or the shrimp is the feature.

Today, we will introduce the specialty store of its Laksa in Harajyuku.


The owner of two women who know “Laksa “in Singapore, addicted to its charm, and studying in the local restaurant, was opened a specialty store. It is opened Oct,2015.

IMG_0593_RA place is just 2 minutes walk from the exit of Omoesando of JR Harajuku Station.




IMG_0603_RIf it goes into a restaurant, you order first at the register.

IMG_0602_RYou can choose the type of noodle(long or short),and hot level.Noodles are homemade noodles.


Today I ordered “Chicken rice Set” 850yen.  It is the set of Singapore Laksa&Chicken rice.IMG_0601_R

The sweet and spicy soup containing a coconut is intolerably delicious!

Please try it if you go to Harajyuku.






〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区 神宮前1丁目13−21/1-13-21 Jingu-mae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo


open hours: 11:00~20:00(weekday)


regular holiday: Monday



日清 カップヌードルラクサ 81g×12個