Today’s Bento

Today’s my Bento!!


・Cooked rice(with Yukari: rice seasoning)

・Boiled Chicken wings with potato(Teriyaki taste)

・Boiled egg

・Cherry tomato




~A Boiled Chicken wings with potato(Teriyaki taste)’s recipe~


500g   Chicken wings

200g   Potatoes

50cc(1/4cup)    Soy sauce

50cc (1/4cup)   Sake(were it not for sake,,,use water as a

subsitiute for)

50cc(1/4cup)    Vinegar

50g      Suger


1, Put a little oil into the pan,and heat up the oil.

2, Put the Chicken Wings and potatoes in to the pan, stir-fly until it gets brown.

3, Put the all seasoning(Soy sauce,Sake,Vinegar,Sugar), Put the lid on , and boil for about 30min.

( taking care that the meat does not burn on the bottom of the pot!)


It is a season of new fresh crop potatoes now in Japan.


Enjoy your lunch ♪