Today’s Bento (Sanshoku-bento)

Today’s my Bento




About “Sansyoku-bento”….

It is the bento which put three colors of foods chicken soboro, scrambled eggs, and boiled snow peas( beans, okra, spinach, broccoli…you can use something green or boiled carrot (as a red)) on the plain rice.

“san” means 3 of a number , “Shoku” means a color.

“Soboro” is the food which crumbed, seasoned and parched the ground meat of a pig or a chicken, the fish, the shrimp, the egg, etc. Then, it is put on rice, or is used as a material of sushi or bento, or is put on vegetables, such as a boiled pumpkin, a radish, and a potato.


When they are put on the plain rice in a lunch box, it is called “Sanshoku-bento(三色弁当)”

If they are used on top of plain rice in donburi, it is called “Sasnshoku-don(三色丼)“

IMG_0699_RThis is “Sanshoku-don”



This light informal meal “Don (bento)” which covered the dish fully on plain rice is very popular among Japanese people as a daily meal as the meal which does not require time, and also as an easy cooking.


How to make Sanshoku-bento(Don)


150g Ground meat(I prefer thigh: around 100yen/100g in Japan)

3~4 Eggs (around 100~200yen/1 dozen in Japan)

Green vegetables (that you like)

2tbsp Sugar

2tbsp Soy sauce

2tbsp Sake(or Water)

1,make fine scrambled eggs(just only egg and a little bit salt ).


2,Boil the green vegetable(today,I use kidney Bean)in salt water,and chop small.


3,Put the all of seasoning and ground meat in a pan,and then  mix it well  before  put a pan over the fire.


4,Parch meat stirring constantly with chopsticks until all the liquid evaporates.IMG_0695_R





IMG_0698_RAll set!!

All that’s left now is to put on the plain rice.



Enjoy your lunch ♪




ニッスイ とりそぼろダブルパック 120g(60g×2個)