Which do you like better Ramen vs.Tsukemn?? -Tsukemen TETSU-

“Tsukemen” is a ramen noodles of the style which dips noodles in soup and eats them.

After being boiled, the noodles are washed to remove the sliminess and then tightened in cold water. And served on a plate or a bamboo basket. Pick up some noodles and dip them in the dipping sauce like a “Zaru soba”.

It also called “Mori-soba” or “Tsuke soba”


It seems that the origin of “Tsukemen” is the staff meal in the Ramen restaurant that eaten leftovers noodle dipped in soup. It became popular also with a general visitor gradually. And now the “Tsukemen” is jumping over the frame of ramen noodles and established one of the cuisine in Japan.


Although the soup “Tsukedare” has many things of a marine-products base or a boiled-pork-ribs base. These days, There are various tastes “the curry taste of the ethnic style”, ”Italian Tsukemen taste of the tomato and dairy sauce”…and more.
The soup is adjusted in many cases more deeply than the usual ramen noodles. After eating noodles, we can drink soup by adding more soup stock that boiled pork or chicken.

As opposed to the quantity of the noodles of the usual ramen noodles being 100-150 g, “Tsukemen” are offered by the about (200-300 g) 2 times. There is the many things that the noodles are thick and chewy that’s why the soup should be attached easily.

Today, I introduce you one of the “Tsukemen” noodle restaurant that  the name of “Tsukemen TETSU”.


“Tsukemen TETSU” is has been said that the spark of Tokyo noodle boom, head office is located in the Sendagi, Tokyo is a popular shop of course have opened many outlet also in the Kanto area, such as Saitama and Ibaraki.

“The soup of Tsukemen TETSU” is rich and creamy soup that used fish and chicken-bones.

However, the taste is a difference for every store, “Pork bone broth and seafood soup and thick noodle-豚骨魚介×太麺-” or “Chicken and seafood soup × middle thick noodle-鶏魚介×中太麺-”.

The combination of the soup what based on (pork bone broth,chicken bone white broth, dried bonito) is different. The noodles to unite also change with every restaurant.


When you go into a store, buy your food ticket at a ticket machine.



IMG_0369_RThis is “Tsukemen” 800yen


IMG_0370_RThis one is “Atsumori” 800yen.

“Atsu(熱=Hot)-Mori(盛=Served)” is on of the way to serve Tsukemen. The noodle after tightened in cold water in to a hot soup. It can prevent that dipping sauce gets cold.


IMG_0368_RHow to eat is shown.

1,Dip the noodles into the broth and eat them.

2,Atsumori is one of the Tsukemen that dipped in Katsuo dashi.

3,Dip the noodles dynamic.

4,You can use seasonings as you like(we prepare Vinegar,Pepper,Ichimi(cayenne pepper))

5,After you eat,cut soup with soup Katsuo-dashi.

6,Please request “Yaki-ishi(焼き石=Hot stone)”When you feel that the soup cooled.

7,Put the stone in soup(be careful it is hot!)

8,Please enjoy your hot soup to the last.




Look for your favorite combination!