Why do Japanese so love dumplings? Gyoza Festival in Yokohama!

(This event has been expired)

You know Japanese love to eat ramen noodle, sushi, tempra.

And they love dumplings so much.

Japanese call it “Gyoza”.

Today, we show you the proof of their fondness to Gyoza.

Gyoza festival01

Can you read sentence on the signboard? The sentence describes “Utsunomiya Gyoza Festival in Yokohama”.


Gyoza(dumplings) festival?


They too love Gyoza dumplings. So they made the dumplings festival.


Gyoza festival02

Gyoza festival03

In this event, We were able to enjoy a various types of Gyoza.

14 dumplings stores of Utsunomiya put their stand in this event.

Gyoza festival04

Gyoza festival05

Gyoza festival08

Why Utsunomiya?

Utsunomiya is a city located in north part of Kanto region. And it is famous for Gyoza dumplings.


Originally this festival have been held at Utsunomiya city.

Since the popularity of this festival, the event owner has decided to hold this festival in Yokohama too.

Gyoza festival06

Gyoza festival07

The participant of this event must buy “Gyoza ticket”.

And then withdraw 4 pieces of Gyoza for 1G ticket.


If you have an interest of Japanese dumplngs, please check this event.


Utsunomiya Gyoza (Japanese)