You can enjoy Japanese B grade gourmet foods in Akihabara , Tokyo

In Japan, B grade gourmet foods are very popular foods.

B-grade gourmet foods are simple, accessible and delicious.
The B 1 Grand Prix is held every year. – It is the Grand Prix of B grade gourmet –
Now it has become a major event in Japan.

You can eat Japanese B grade gourmet foods in Akihabara ,Tokyo.


There is the B1 Grand Prix diner in Akihabara ,Tokyo.
It has about 20 kinds of B grade gourmet foods in Japan.
The menu changes depending on the seasons.


Buy tickets by vending machine.


Give your ticket the staff in the shop.


The staff  cooks your order food and hand you it.

P1070169_RThis is imoni-Curry Udon-Udon with curry and taros.

■ The B1 Grand Prix diner Infomation
< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 11:00
CLOSE : 20:00 ※weekend : 21:00
< Access >
15-1 Kanda Neribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

< Near station >
Akihabara Station (JR/Tokyo Metro)

< Route form Shinjyuku Station(JR) >
Leave Akihabara station by Akihabara Electric Town Exit.

B1-2Turn right at the Akihabara Electric Town Exit..

B1-3Going right.

B1-4Cross the street and go straight.

B1-5Go along the elevated.

B1-6Cross the street and go straight.

B1-7You can see flags of the B1 Grand Prix diner on your right.

B 1 Grand PrixThe B1 Grand Prix diner official web