You can Open it?? ~How to open Onigiri~

What’s your favorite Onigiri’s filling??

Onigiri(Rice ball) is a popular food in Japan made from lightly salted white rice formed with  triangle(sometimes oval and fanciful shapes) ,and often wrapped in “Nori”(seaweed). stuffed either pickled plum or roasted cod roe or salted salmon in the center of rice ball.

Nowadays, Onigiri is made at home, and also sold on the market such as convenience store and supermarket,eaten at various situations. It’s extremely popular as a take-out lunch.


The wrapping is came up with various ideas to open easily,especially at the convenience store.



For some one who has never eaten the Onigiri at the store, they can be a little confusing to open.It is a little bit difficult for the beginner.

I’m here to clear up the mystery that is the way to unwrapping.



IMG_0234_R  The “How to open” is  illustrated in the side of the Onigiri.


IMG_0235_R ① As first,take hold of the tab at the top and pull down.

IMG_0236_R ② Pull right-hand side wrapping horizontally.

IMG_0237_R ③ Another side is similarly.

④All we need to do now is to eat! Let’s eat!!

Incidentally, I love “Tuna Mayonnaise”(called Tuna Mayo), It’s flaked tuna mixed with mayo! really simple but it’s delicious. You too, by all means please do challenge yourself to it!!



Youtube for the person who can not understand.