Funny re-use of elementary school. Roadside station Hota.

Do you know that there are many shopping malls called “roadside station” in Japan?

Nowadays, this roadside station have been popular among the Japanese.

Michi-no-Eki(roadside station) official web site.

We found a roadside station that would be surprised by even Japanese.
That is re-use of elementary school.


You can’t understand that this building originate from elementary school?

So please see this picture. This room is a part of Hota roadside station.


Have you seen this type of blackboard in Japanese Anime or television drama?

This room was used for children playground. So that parents are able to enjoy shopping.


Thanks to this roadside station have came from elementary school, there were other many characteristic points.

For example, at the day we went to Hota, we found “Koinobori” the carp streamer.



And then we found a Japanese traditional suits of armor.

Even though Japanese, we can’t encounter real Japanese armor.Hota_eleshool06



Ordinary style of corridor.

But this place is also a part of shopping mall.



We finally found the space of product selling. 🙂


Michi-no-Eki(roadside station) Hota elementary school

< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 9:00
CLOSE : 18:00

< Access >
724 Hota Kyonan-cho,

Awa-gun, Chiba-pref