Giant pompompurin appeared at Shinjuku station.

(This event has been expired)

Do you love “pompompurin”?

And are you going to use Shinjuku station when you go to Tokyo?

If so, you could see giant pompompurin.



This event is one of the campaign that Sanrio celebrate pompompurin’s 20th anniversary.

You could see these giant pompompurins at underground of Shinjuku station.(It is the place combined shopping street with passage between Shinjuku station and other subway stations.)


(There was large banner from ceiling too.)

Usually there are lots of people crowed at this station, most of them are business commuter.

They always hurry to get to their destination.

but this pompompurin event give them a little of warm feelings.


Of course during weekend, non-business people would pass away this street.

Many people took picture with pompompurin.

So please see pictures of pompompurin appeared at underground of Shinjuku!


This pompompurin has a piece of flower.


His(Her?) buttucks. Is this cute too, right?



Close up! Approach his face!

This event held during from MARCH 7, 2016 to MARCH 13, 2016.

Please wait next chance to meet this gigant pompompurin!