Have a response from God of academic achievement – Yushima Tenjin-Tokyo


Yushima-Tenjin is the famous shrine where is God of academic achievement.
Many people,go to worship at Yushima-Tenjin  for academic achievement.

They pray that They can pass examinations.

P1070112_RWash your hands and mouth to purify ourselves before worshiping at the shrine.

P1070111_RBut Please be careful not to drink directly from the ladle.

P1070118_RThis is where we do the praying.

P1070119_RBow a little,throw in the money and clap twice.
Close your eyes, and wish for your fulfill the love,then bow once again.

P1070114_RThere is a cow in Yushima-Tenjin.It is very important to do the praying.

P1070115_RIt’s believed that if you stroke a head of cow,you will be smart.


How to Visit a Shrine in Japan(Movie)

■ Yushima Tenjin  Infomation
< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 6:00
CLOSE : 20:00
*Open year round
< Access >
3-30-1, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo,

< Near station >
Okachimachi Station(JR)
Yushima Station(Tokyo Metro)
< Route form Okachimachi Station(JR) >

湯島天神0Leave Okachimachi  station by the South Exit.

湯島天神1Turn left at the South Exit.

湯島天神2Go straight.

湯島天神3Cross the street.

湯島天神4Go straight.

湯島天神5Go straight.

湯島天神6Cross the street.

湯島天神7Go straight.

湯島天神8Go up the stairs. That is Yushima-Tenjin.