【For Japan resident】How to use Mobile Internet Acccess for a low price


There are a variety of ways to stay connected to the mobile internet in Japan.
But,these are very high cost.
For example, Monthly fee of Major Mobile Carriers – Docomo, Softbank and  au-  is about 7,000 yen  on an average.

Use low‐priced SIM(Kakuyasu SIM)card

Low-priced SIM(Kakuyasu SIM)card use line of Major Mobile Carriers – Docomo, Softbank and  au.
So,communication speed and signal are stable.

Monthly fee of Low-priced SIM(Kakuyasu SIM)card is about 2,200 yen / 5G  on an average.

There are many Low-priced SIM(Kakuyasu SIM)card companies in Japan.
They have more low preiced SIM card plan.


You can buy in electronics retail stores.
They have staffs who can speak English or Chinese in city area shops.

■ Yodobashi Camera

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■BIC Camera



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■Yamada Denki


■K’s Denki

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