If you want to buy Japanese text book…

If you want to study Japanese, Where do you get a textbook? ,Internet? or Bookstore??

In such a situation, I know a bookstore with recommended,and which is located a few minutes walk from Akihabara Station.006_R



025_RAfter coming out of the central gate of Akihabara station, walk straight toward a right hand.

027_RWalk straight until main road.

024_RYou can see the building on the left side.



This is my recommendation of the bookstore, the name is ”SHOSEN”(書泉)

From the first floor to the ninth floor is all a bookstore !It is large!!020_R


Books with high speciality nature are abundantly arranged for every genres, such as a railroad, an idol, a sport combative, a vehicle, military one, and a computer.

Its overwhelming trade points clearly has fractionated the other bookstore and clear distinction, it is the usual bookstore there is a book that has not been placed famous as a “Too maniac too bookstore”.

011_R Go up to the second floor by escalator, and It is a left hand.

012_RIf it goes while looking at “NIHONGO” directions, you can arrive there.



The book which studies about “Kanji”  in English、study for JLPT, for Japanese used on business situation.



019_RThere are also a book which  studies about sushi, and a book about dressing of ”Yukata”.


Since there are more maniac book in other stories, just walk around is also interesting.

In the event space between the ninth floor, many Japanese pop idol events are held and are also called “the holy place of the pop idol ”

Isn’t it pleasant to turn over the book worried while loitering the inside of the bookstore, and to look for its own favorite book?



Business hours: 10:00 to 21:00

Holiday: Nothing

Adress: 101-0025

1-11-1, Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo