Japanese 100 Yen shops..All you need in one shop !!

100 yen shops (100円ショップ) are a type of discount store that sell  various products for 100 yen.(tax excluded).

Any item in this shops costs 100 Yen ( tax excluded).


What are products or items that you can find there ?

There are many products in 100 yen shops.
The following is one example.

Tableware – plates, rice and miso soup bowls, tea cups,  Japanese Hashi, spoons, forks ,table cloth etc.

Kitchenware – kitchen knives, microwave containers, coffee filters, detergent, aluminum foil, etc.

Tools – hammers, measuring tapes, pliers, screwdriver sets, cutter knives, etc.

Stationery – boxes,  memo pads, pens, pins, calligraphy brushes, etc.

Beverages – soft drink cans , water bottles , juice cans and bottles

Foods – breads , sandwiches , snacks , ice cream , chips ,  etc

Cosmetics – eyebrows, nail polish , nail clippers , face washes , makeup removers , lotion , cream , sunblock ,etc.

P1060748_RCosmetics. Everything is 100 yen.

P1060751_RSnacks. Everything is 100 yen.

P1060754_RTableware. Everything is 100 yen.

The top three are Daiso, Seria and Cando

Major 100 yen shops are Daiso, Seria and Cando.


There are more than 2,900 stores in Japan.
There are 700 stores in 25 overseas countries and regions – Asia, Oceania ,North America , South America , Middle East , Africa .

daisohpDaiso official web


There are more than 1.200 stores in Japan.
Seria’s products are more cute than Daiso’s and Cando’s.

seriaSeria official web


There are more than 900 stores in Japan.

candoCando official web