Nearest historical place from airport, Narita ep1.

Which are you going to use “Haneda” or “Narita”? and during staying Japan, would you like to see Japanese historical place?

Haneda airport have become popular for tourist.

But Narita airport is still used by lots of tourist come to Japan.

Today, We want you to introduce Narita city rather historical place than international airport.

Narita station.

If you will come to this city by train JR line, you’ll see the sight of this picture.

Oh, without further ado, there are some traditional products from the ceiling.

Narita rickshaw

By 2 or 3 minutes walking, you can find next Japanese traditional object.

This is a Japanse rickshaw.

It is said that this type of rickshaw was used until about 1930 era.


Follow Japanse tourist, they are going to visit Naritasan temple. By doing so, you are able to meet Japanese traditional and historical objects!

At first, you’ll encounter this bank. Bank?

Narita- Chiba Kogyo Bank1

Narita- Chiba Kogyo Bank2

Chiba Kogyo Bank put their branch at Narita, to protect Narita’s view of the town.

Narita other store

Other store also complies with the rule. Narita city have enacted the law of protect their view of the town.

Of course there are lots of stories don’t need to observe the law.

Narita soba store

This is a restaurant serves soba and tempura. You can eat them by paying about 1,000 yen.

Narita souvenir store1

Do you think this picture also interesting? Left side store look like camera store. And right side store is a souvenir store.

Narita souvenir store2

the souvenir store is selling many funable and interesting goods. cat, owl..oh is this…

Narita souvenir store3

gigantic frog? Where is Naruto and Jiraiya?

I’m sorry. I’ve excited…

Narita Unari-kun

These are “Unari-kun”. Narita town’s character. Is this cute too?


We have so many topics for this Narita town so please continue this Narita’s topic into next episode.