Nearest historical place from airport, Narita ep2.

This entry is a sequel of Narita episode. Plese see previous epsode too.


We found next Japanese traditional style store as soon as we’ve restarted from the souvenir store.

This store sells dried foods like nuts. We guess these dried foods also become good souvenir.


Next store is 7-eleven. As you know it’s the most popular convenience store in Japan.

But in this street’s 7-eleven has set their signboard as colorless style.


This style signboard can be seen also in other traditional area like Kyoto.


There is a old brewery next door of 7-eleven.

The building appears to have been renovated several times.

So if contemporary Japanese see this building we would feel it very beautiful.


The power stone shop located at this street has a funny fact.


Do you know this charactor?  I’m sad to hear that “Anpan-man” has little popularity.


Next, I would like you to see this picture.


This signboard is really important object from seeing Japanese tradition.

Because this signboard is made by the style of “Kamaboko-bori”(Kamaboko-engrave).


About Kamaboko-bori please see this site.
In these ways, there are many traditional products and buildings in this town.




Aside from these architecture there are many food stories


When you arrive at Narita Airport, please examine to go to Narita street at first.