Not only Jumbo Melon Bread, but also Shaved ice, parfait, and soft ice cream tastes so good! – Kagetsudo in Asakusa,Tokyo –


Asakusa Kagetsudo is the famous  Jumbo Melon Bread shop.
It is 75 years since this shop was established.
This shop sells more than 3,000 Jumbo Melon Breads every day.


Actually,not only Jumbo Melon Bread,but also Shaved ice, parfait, and soft ice cream tastes so good.
If you go to Asakusa Kagetsudo,Please try them.

P1060140_RJapanese Shaved ice -Strawberry,Remon,Melon,Strawberry with Milk,Maccha and Adzuki‐bean with Milk,Adzuki‐bean with Milk –

P1060142_RJapanese parfait – Chocolate,Maccha –

P1060139_RJapanese soft ice cream – Chocolate,Maccha,Coffe with Milk,Strawberry with Milk,Maccha with Milk –

■ Asakusa Kagetsudo  Infomation ■
< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 9:00
CLOSE : Until supplies last
*Open year round
< Access >
There are 4 stores in Asakusa.
◎Main store
◎Umamichi Branch
◎Shin-naka Branch
◎Kaminarimon Branch
Official access map(English)

< Near station >
Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro)