Once you come in Tokyo, you would be able to enjoy other regions of Japan by local products exhibition.

Where your destination of Japan trip is? Tokyo? Osaka?

Wherever you will go to, you want to enjoy many Japanese sightseeing places. right?


Today, we recommend you to see advertise in the train. You will find local products exhibition ad. Both Tokyo and Osaka, shopping malls hold local product exhibion like every week.


Last week, I went to Fukuoka Pref’s exhibition.

Do you know Fukuoka Pref?  It’s a west part of Japan and famous for salted cod’s roe.

(Sorry, This event has been expired)



Upon recipt of entering the event’s gate, we found salted cod’s roe.

Have you eaten it? I’m afraid that you’ll like this food’s taste. (Some people don’t like this salty taste)


Except for cod’s roe, you can eat other special products of Fukuoka Pref. For example, merchandiser had sold deep-fried chiken.



Is Fukuoka’s attractive point only food? No. Fukuoka Pref has interesting history.

So, there remains traditional techniques.

These are……sord! Japanese sords display! Katana!


Even Japanese, we seldom see real Katana. This display was really precious.



There are sculpture of woods too. The sculptures of depth part are cats. Is it cute?



Have you see this face mask of left side on TV anime?localproduct_exhibition_Fukuoka_3154

If you buy this product as a souvenir, you’ll become a hero.

But the price is about 100 US dollars……



Those looks very beautiful.

As well as real Katana, the chance of seeing kimono is very precious.

So when you visit Japan, aside from sightseeing places, we recommend you to go to shopping mall’s local product exhibition.