The female otaku’s town – Otome Road –


Otome Road (乙女ロード) is a nickname for a street in Ikebukuro – a district of Tokyo – which is located to the west of the Sunshine 60 near Ikebukuro Station.

Otome Road is the female otaku’s town(Makkah of Fujyoshi-腐女子-) corresponding to Akihabara, the male otaku’s town.

You can get Anime items,Cosplay items for females.

P1060511_Ranimate -anime item shop.  official web

P1060509_RShop Lists in animate.

P1060838_RThe Cosplay item shop.



P1060517_RThe used Anime item shop.You can get items cheap.

P1060526_RThere are more men than women in the shop.

P1060519_RThe anime book store.

P1060833_RThe voice actors shop for anime.



■ Otome Road  Infomation
< Access >
Higashiikebukuro, 1 Chome−20, Toshima, Tokyo
< Near station >
Ikebukuro Station(JR)
< Route form Ikebukuro Station(JR) >

P1060438_RLeave Ikebukuro station by the East gate.

otome1Cross at the pedestrian crossing.

otome2Turn left and go straight.

otome3Cross at the pedestrian crossing.

otome4Turn right and go straight.

otome5Go on  the left side of the road.

otome6Cross at the pedestrian crossing.

otome7Go straight on “Sunshine Street”until the pedestrian crossing.

otome9Go on  the right side of the road.

otome10Turn right and go straight.

otome11Go straight on until a pedestrian crossing.

otome13Turn left and go straight.

otome12Cross at the pedestrian crossing.

otome14Turn left just before the pedestrian crossing.

otome15This Street is “Otome Road”.