Relax and enjoy in The park !Escape from the busy urban -Shinjyuku gyoen-

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of  largest and most popular parks in Tokyo. The park is only a ten minute walk from Shinjyuku Station.The park’s Admission fee is low.
You can relax and enjoy in Shinjuku Gyoen escape from the busy urban.



P1010617_RThere is a tree‐lined roadhere.

IMG_0244_RShinjyuku Gyoen has a Japanese flower garden for all four seasons, Western-style gardens, and a greenhouse for tropical plants.

IMG_0238_RThe greenhouse.

IMG_0242_RLotus leaf in The greenhouse.

■ Shinjyuku Gyoen  Infomation
< Opening Hours>
OPEN : 9:00
CLOSE : 16:00
< Closed day>
Every Monday
< Entrance Fee>
Adult : 200 yen ※over 15 years old
Child :  50 yen
< Access >
11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo

< Near station >
Shinjyuku Station (JR/Tokyo Metro)
Shinjyuku Sanchome or Shijyuku Gyoenmae (Tokyo Metro )

< Route form Shinjyuku Station(JR) >
gyoen1Leave Shinjyuku  station by the West Exit.

gyoen2Going right.

gyoen3Cross the street.

gyoen4Go straight.

gyoen5-2Go straight.

gyoen5-3Go straight.

gyoen6Cross the street.

gyoen7Go straight.

gyoen8-1Cross the street at “Shinjyuku Sanchome”.

gyoen9Turn the right.

gyoen10Go straight.

gyoen11Cross the street.

gyoen12Turn the left.

gyoen13Go straight.

gyoen14You can see the gate of Shinjyuku Gyoen.