Revive the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors! A story of Nerima over 140 years residence reviving project.



Where do you think that this house exists?

This house is in Nerima-ward in Tokyo Prefecture and was built at over 140 years ago.

Can you believe? We are able to live in this house still now.

This house’s structures are very strong and utilities are latest model.



The reason why is very simple. Carpenters renovated this house.



But it is OK to say that this renovate is no longer Revive.

When the owner ordered carpenters to renovate, this house was nearly dying.


So carpenters had decided to remake almost parts of house.



It’s really difficult thing. Perhaps you may think Japanese carpenter can renovate Japanese Traditional house.


But in temporary Japan, there are few carpenters who can deal with traditional house.

And this house’s broken condition was considerably terrible.



Actually it had taken over 1 year that period of renovating.

And then carpenters had revived this traditional house!





The ancestor of this house’s owner was wealthy farmer of this area.

So even in 140 years ago, he could build and keep this big house.


Carpenters made slope for handicapped people. I heard this house would be open for region.

You would be experience Japanese old house too.