Same as your country’s one? Various objects on the Japanese road!

Wherever you visit Japanese Spot, you would absolutely see Japanese road.

But even though you use internet, you haven’t known objects on the Japanese road , have you?

Today, we would like to introduce various objects like traffic sign.


At first, please see avobe picture.

These are construction site’s objects. Triangle objects are something called colored corn or pylon.

These are used for restricting to enter the specific area.


The board illustrated big arrow is also used to various purpose. In this case this board tought us that there is a construction site for right direction.



Incidentally speaking, Newer pylon uses solor panel to shine itself during night time.

I(author) haven’t know that new pylon until I shoot this picture.


You would see this signboard too.

This board express this road will be closed and construction will start from May 18.



Next picture express “Caution! Pedestrian near hear!”

If you were driver you should have watched near your car.



This picture also for car driver. This panel express that you shouldn’t park your car around this panel.

Because there is a parking lot. If a driver whose car parking in the lot find another car in front of his car, he wouldn’t be able to start his car.



This panel is attached to electric pole and express this road is used to go to shool.

(Implicitly means you have to be careful for children!)

So in the left side of this panel, message is written. Protect children’s safe by the rocal people.


We still have other pictures!

This is an object express there is a bycicle parking space on the left side.




Extra chapter!

This is a instrument for the case a fire. It is used for attaching a hose to put water to specific place.